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  • Mckenzie O.

    I’ve been to many different healers and I’m always elated when I get to work with Michelle. Her style is unique and she is able to give tools and advice in a way that is practical and applicable. I think her very nature is intuitive and it shows in her sessions. She truly has a gift and I consider myself very blessed to be someone who can benefit from her services.

  • Melissa S.

    I cant speak more highly of Michelle and the incredible work she does. She has a special gift that comes across in more ways than one. Her understanding, compassion, care and most of all her intuitive nature are just a few of the qualities that make her unique. She is invested in her clients and looks at them as a whole, which is so important when doing energy work. As a working mother and occupational therapist myself, I understand the importance of making every minute count to get the work done. And Michelle gets it done!

  • Rachel I.

    Michelle creates a welcoming atmosphere filled with comfort, calm and healing. One of my favorite aspects in my work with Michelle has been the support and encouragement she provides with helping me reach my goals through the practice of Reiki. At the beginning of each session, she asks you to set the intention for the session, which helps guide the direction of the work. Afterwards, Michelle takes the time to discuss what she experienced while working on you and offers guidance in how it can apply to your life and future. I appreciate her insight. After each session, I have found myself feeling relaxed, calm and at peace. I would highly recommend her!

  • Jeffrey C.

    Michelle has an incredible gift and presence that puts your body and spirit immediately at ease. Within minutes, she immediately sensed the root of years of pain and was able to put me on the path to healing. If you tried it all and have lost confidence in your own ability to heal, you have to pay Michelle a visit.

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